E-Books in Education

E-books are just electronic versions of regular books or journals but they frighten people if you suggest writing one. There is no longer any need for delaying with the simple process detailed below. Some people use other writers to help with the content until they feel happy they can do this on their own.
Once you've decided on a topic for your E-Book, and have done research to ensure that people are looking for and buying information on this topic, write a series of articles. Articles are less intimidating to write than a book, and you can use some of the articles as promotional tools to create demand for your forthcoming book. If these articles are sent to article directories, within a short space of time you should have a very good idea how many people have shown an interest and can estimate how successful it will be.
While you're writing the articles you will need to develop your e-Book's overall structure. The most common way t structure a book is by having an introduction, then the content of the book with a concluding section but a resources area can be worthwhile too. You can also increase the value of the book by adding some bonus material or sections.
Once each article has been written, place into the e-book; just how many you will ultimately require will depend on how long you want it to be. There is less room for error with e-books and no room for unnecessary information to clutter them so don't make it longer than about 50 to 60 pages. People do not like reading on compute screens so prefer to have shorter books that do not drift from the subject.
As an added extra, why not supply the reader with some bonus material you have located to give added value to your e-book; this is always appreciated. This is not too difficult if you already have this extra information in the form However, as with all the material you create for your e-Book, ensure that your bonus material is relevant because it should be valuable on its own.
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